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Well so are we. We love everything garden room related. We love working with our clients and creating their perfect spaces. And we are always looking for new and exiting products to make those spaces unique to your style. No two of our garden builds are ever the same as all our builds are bespoke to your specifications. We have just started to stock a brand new cladding option in three amazing colour options. It is so new to the market, the manufacturers have yet to provide any digital marketing images. The new cladding is inspired from natural western red cedar and looks as impressive as natural wood. With the added bonus of no need to stain, paint or oil. And offering a massive 25 years guarantee. The slatted cladding comes in three colours "Spiced Oak", "Midnight" and "Silver Birch" with a full range of complimentary components. So if you're looking to be the envy of all of your friends with this latest design option, then drop us a message today.

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