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Well in this heat of the last few days. Would a garden room be heaven or hell as a place of solace?

We have been doing some measurements of the comfortability of our rooms in this blazing sun as we have done in the past in Winter time.

On opening the door to our garden room office on Tuesday morning. Which has now been the date 20th July 2022 as the hottest day on record in the U.K. The temperature on the thermometer was was a surprising 24 degrees at 7.30am.

We put this down to the construction of our rooms and extra measures we install that some other installers may not use.

Once the doors and window were left open a short time the temperature actually increased and began to feel uncomfortable to work in.

Then I switched a portable air con unit. Filled it with an ice block in the water container. Shut the windows and door and left the room for about half an hour while I took the dog a quick walk in the woods.

When I got back the room was a nice holiday hotel icy temp to the room. This coolness was maintained for the rest of the day working in there. Which was great for me and the dog.

It did get us to thinking about offering the option of Air Con in the future. So now we are in talks with local suppliers to see if we can get some good deals for our customers.

Watch this space...

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