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Serious about a Garden Room?

After last year and maybe this next year (who knows). Was you wishing you had that special place to hang out, that felt like you was going out OUT, without actually going out. Well you are not alone. We have never been busier creating outside spaces for those that missed the gym or the pub during lockdown. Even offices and somewhere to sit the kids down to do school work. Now more than any time before is that extra space a necessity rather than a luxury. So if you're serious about creating that perfect space for you and your family. Now is the time to get started. From initially calling us, to arranging a telephone appointment or in person, to discuss designs, to discuss and agree on a price, to paying the deposit, then us ordering all the separate components, bringing all that together and arranging a date for installation, then the installation of course, then you adding your own personal touches to it (phew thats a lot). It may be a couple of months before you're using the room as you have planned. So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Call us or use the link on this site to get in touch and start the dream becoming reality.

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