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Where are you spending your holidays this year 2021?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

As someone that loves going abroad and discovering new places. I am at a loss of whether to even book to go away this year.

Last years holidays all got cancelled and along with that went with the stress of claiming the refunds and re organising (and getting cancelled again).

So I move my search to discovering my own beautiful country and visit places that I have always wanted to see or re visit. Cornwall, The Lakes... there is so much choice right?

So as I look and look and then look again, then think back to last year and all the heartache of dealing with the cancellations. And then think about how busy places are going to be when I have had it drilled in to me about social distancing (but others didn't seem to get the memo) I think, can I really be bothered?

Well it seems I am not alone. We are having a lot of clients contact us with the same thoughts.

They are investing in their properties and in particular their gardens to create those perfect holiday feel spaces.

If you are thinking the same, now is the time to start putting those plans in to action. To avoid the disappointment of being completed by summer 2021.

Call us or leave a message to get this party started,


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